Galactic Noobs — A brief history of the Drul — Part 1

4 min readOct 29, 2020


A rare blue naked Drul

The Drul are a group of sapient semi-aquatic humanoid creatures from the planet of Thassala. They are known for their resilient and adaptive bodies and shrewd trading practices. They are humanoid with octopus-like facial features. They have slimy yet smooth skin that ranges from blueish green to orange. Their bodies are capable of adapting to harsh conditions, making use of their efficient metabolism and their ability to preserve oxygen and nutrients in their body. They can stay underwater for 14–15 days without needing to breath. Because of this, they are thought to be an aquatically-limited species but most Drul can survive walking on land just perfectly. Their planet of Thassala is a temperate panthalassic planet — with only a couple of geologically irregular islands dotting the surface.

The Drul live in expansive underwater cities scattered around Thassala. They build giant temples that stretch from the ocean floor all the way to the surface.

A few framed Drul

Drul culture revolves around “Dharkaa”, which means “Great Tsunami/ Wave Expansion”. The Drul believe that it is their duty to spread their territories wherever they go, believing that trade and development would be a lot safer within Drul domain. Their adaptive bodies have proven to be efficient in colonizing harsh environments, with some Drul colonies surviving in temperatures too hot or too cold for the average life form.

While the Drul believe that expansion is their species’ purpose, they make use of any method that will allow them to “Dharkaalize” a star system. This could be from trade, diplomacy, or war. The Drul would take the most efficient method in expansion, and only resort to war when damages are done to their trading ports. Drul merchants are most commonly seen selling their goods and services in any place that would allow their kind, even to far-fetched hubs light years away from their home planet. The Drul are not just great for their body adapting abilities but also their ability to easily integrate themselves in distant and foreign cultures and societies. As such, the Drul hopes to convert/transfer political power from the inside — flooding the markets with their goods and holding an economic monopoly on critical resources such as spices or minerals helps them spread their influence.

A Drul with a rare Royal Starfleet Commander outfit

While the Drul are more inclined to take things diplomatically, they are naught without their diverse military force. Only the Drul are allowed to serve in their military, however, they are not averse to hiring mercenaries or auxiliary armies to fight in their wars. Because of their expansive nature, it is not too common to see non-Drul species fighting underneath a Drul flag. It is because of the local help, they are capable of fighting on any planet without the fear of having a terrain disadvantage. Drul soldiers specialize in non-conventional warfare: attacking trading outposts, raiding resources, or blockading trade; they believe that destroying their enemy’s economy is just as important as winning a major battle. The dreaded Drul pirates are known for scorching fertile lands or destroying whole forests whenever they would lose a planet. The Drul are expansive, tolerant, and financially capable alien species. They have a spiritually motivated goal of conquering the whole world to make it a more peaceful place.

About Galactic Noobs

Galactic Noobs are collectible pieces of generated alien art. They are ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens stored on the Ethereum blockchain. By buying a Galactic Noob, you have true ownership, meaning you can trade them and you will have the Commercial Rights. Galactic Noobs will covers several fictive alien races, with some of them having very rare attributes. Serie 1 — The Drul — will exist of 500 unique pieces.

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Galactic Noobs are collectible pieces of generated alien art. They are ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens stored on the Ethereum blockchain.