Galactic Noobs — A brief history of the Drul — Part 3— Thassala

4 min readNov 3, 2020


A Drul with a rare mohawk

Thassala is the 4th planet in the Thepheahiri Star System. It is a place with planet-wide oceans, covering 90% of the planet in oxygen rich waters. The Drul believe that the planet was originally frozen in ice until a large asteroid crashed into it and caused a chain of terramorphic events. The Drul called this the Tattania Expansion, where the impact of the asteroid caused violent subterranean earthquakes and volcanic explosions that melted most of the planet’s ice cap and changed the planet’s temperature dramatically. The occurrence of islands on the planet’s surface are the results of magma leaking out of the hydrothermal and volcanic vents. Even after the Tattania Expansion, Thassala remained a panthalassic planet because of the extreme volume of water it holds.

Because of the planet’s aquatic nature, many of its species have adapted to the oxygen rich waters. Creatures inhabiting Thassala are often large due to the above average oxygen content in the water — with the largest of these comparable to a medium-sized frigate ship. Thassala is a dangerous place, with predators darting through the oceans like speeding torpedoes, eating anything that isn’t larger or faster than them. The Drul are neither larger nor faster than these horrific predators but they have the advantages that have helped them become the dominant species of the planet. They have larger brains that helped them outsmart their predators while their adaptive bodies allowed them to live near the hydrothermal and volcanic vents, with temperatures sometimes reaching more than 600 degrees celsius. Other Drul groups live in extreme hypothermic temperatures, such as the ice surviving ice caps of the north and south, while some groups have made their home on the sparse islands above the ocean waters. These places are generally impossible for predators to hunt in, thus allowing the Drul to prosper and multiply — eventually developing the technology to help them overcome the dangers of the open ocean.

A Drul with a tophat

The Drul are anthropomorphic bipedal creatures with cephalopodic features, having tentacles and a highly flexible body whilst also having a more developed skeletal structure than what normal octopi possess. The Drul are visually striking. Their skin is colourful and bright like tropical freshwater fish; The pre-Dharkaa Drul also wore crystalline jewelry and luminous clothings, showing that the Drul have a strong fascination with glimmer and shine. The Drul are unable to breathe underwater, with the exception of Thassala’s oxygen rich waters. They rely on absorbing oxygen through their skin, thus allowing the Drul to walk on land like the other space-dwelling species. The Drul are separated into two different subspecies: The Cephalophos and the Coleiodos. The Cephalophos are larger and stronger than their Coleiodos counterparts, with strong and flexible muscles that allow them to squeeze through narrow cracks or openings. Their skins range from orange to green to violet. Some Cephalophos have traces of protective shells on some parts of their skin, an evolutionary byproduct from their older generations. The Coleiodos on the other hand are smaller and more compact. They live in the northern part of the planet. The colder temperatures have turned their skin teal or blue. They have slightly larger heads than the Cephalophos, which they believe holds a more advanced brain. In reality, the Coleiodos have an advanced brain sensor that helps them sense the electromagnetic pulses in the water, warning them of unseen predators. Coleiodos are rare, with inter-racial breeding causing them to lose their abilities and skin colour over the generations. Dhar the Far-seer was believed to be a pure-blooded Coleiodos.

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Galactic Noobs are collectible pieces of generated alien art. They are ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens stored on the Ethereum blockchain. By buying a Galactic Noob, you have true ownership, meaning you can trade them and you will have the Commercial Rights. Galactic Noobs will covers several fictive alien races, with some of them having very rare attributes. Serie 1 — The Drul — will exist of 500 unique pieces.

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Galactic Noobs are collectible pieces of generated alien art. They are ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens stored on the Ethereum blockchain.