A rare golden Drul mask

During the early stages of Matonikka supremacy, the territory established by Dhar the Far-seer absorbed the different tribes in which a strong, unified, and well-organized state power had developed. The social organization of the Drul was, however, characterized by trade, mercantilism and a decentralized filial system of tribes. Antagonism was prevalent between the Matonikka rule and the subjugated tribes, between a relatively small number of the Matonikka conquerors and the numerically strong but conquered population. In the early phases of conquest, the Matonikka usually attempted to impose the social structure of their tribe, which was Coleiodos dominant, upon their new…

A Drul with a rare mohawk

Thassala is the 4th planet in the Thepheahiri Star System. It is a place with planet-wide oceans, covering 90% of the planet in oxygen rich waters. The Drul believe that the planet was originally frozen in ice until a large asteroid crashed into it and caused a chain of terramorphic events. The Drul called this the Tattania Expansion, where the impact of the asteroid caused violent subterranean earthquakes and volcanic explosions that melted most of the planet’s ice cap and changed the planet’s temperature dramatically. The occurrence of islands on the planet’s surface are the results of magma leaking out…

Drul in their natural habitat

While known to other species as greedy expansionists and shrewd merchants, the Drul are actually deeply committed to the “Dharkaa”, which is a mix of political and personal thoughts and beliefs that guide Drul societies. The Drul are moved by quasi-religious motivations, pushing them to fulfil their species’ purpose of expanding across the known galaxy. To the Drul, mercantile expeditions are similar to missionary work. The line between priests and merchants are duly blurred and often confusing for the other species. Temples and marketplace often share the same space in their watery planet.

Long before the Drul became the expansionist…

A rare blue naked Drul

The Drul are a group of sapient semi-aquatic humanoid creatures from the planet of Thassala. They are known for their resilient and adaptive bodies and shrewd trading practices. They are humanoid with octopus-like facial features. They have slimy yet smooth skin that ranges from blueish green to orange. Their bodies are capable of adapting to harsh conditions, making use of their efficient metabolism and their ability to preserve oxygen and nutrients in their body. They can stay underwater for 14–15 days without needing to breath. Because of this, they are thought to be an aquatically-limited species but most Drul can…


Galactic Noobs are collectible pieces of generated alien art. They are ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

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